New 6175M Tractor

Row Crop Tractors (6-8 Series)


If you've got acres to plant, some big chores to take care of and need a comfortable, capable tractor that has the right mix of automation and mechanical efficiency, the 6175M could be what you need. With a durable John Deere PowerTech engine that responds almost instantly to changing demands, the need for shifting gears, fuel consumption, and operator fatigue goes down. Coupled with one of the many transmissions – including a 25 mph (40K) or a creeper option with speeds as low as .09 mph (1.4 km/h) – you can easily match the gear to the job. And all PowrQuad™ transmissions feature a left-hand reverser for no-clutch, no-skid loader work. If you need to get more work done, the 6175M is ready to help you show work who's boss.

Key Features & Specs

  • 175-hp John Deere FT4 PowerTech™ engine
  • 30-GPM pressure-flow compensated system
  • Choose from a range of available transmissions