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1A- Woodlot Management  

Managing your woodlot can a challenge depending on your goals. This workshop will discuss techniques to best reach 3 popular goals among landowners; wildlife, timber harvesting, and maple production.  

1B- Chainsaw Operation 

Proper and safe use of a chainsaw goes far beyond having the correct safety PPE. This workshop will also discuss safe use of a saw while felling trees, de-limbing trees, and bucking logs. Industry professionals will walk you through effective techniques to ensure your safety while on the job. 

2A- Resource Management 

Ensuring your property has access where you need it can be a difficult job. This workshop will discuss basic techniques to creating farm roads, heavy use areas, crossings, and managing water flow on your property. 

2B- Horticulture 

This workshop will discuss methods in maintaining healthy growth through soil management and crop maintenance for Green House & High-Tunnel cropping systems. 

3A- Opportunities in Ag 

This workshop will be a panel discussion focusing on 3 Ag Systems including livestock, fruit/vegetables, and farm to table enterprises. Challenges to getting started, useful resources and when you've achieved your goal.  

3B- Marketing you Products 

Jody Frawley: Senior Digital Marketing Consultant: Getting Started with a new business 1. Know your Product and Customer 2. Be Found 3. Be Known 4. Be Social 

4A- Pasture Management 

Managing pasture systems can be a difficult goal to reach. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County will discuss methods and techniques to not only maintain pastures, but to improve them as well.  

4B- Quality Forage Production 101 

Janice Degny of Cornell Cooperative will discuss key components of producing high quality forages for both dry hay and baleage production for livestock, as well as key equipment setup considerations.  

5- Ops & Adjustments 

Utilizing your tractor and implements are only as effective as how well they are optimized. When equipment is improperly used, it can shorten the life of your equipment as well as the quality of the job. CEC staff will walk you through tips to ensure your equipment is optimized for safe and efficient use in the field. 

6- Tractors & Attachments

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