Honda Equipment for Sale near Syracuse, NY

Cazenovia Equipment not only sells John Deere tractors and equipment, we also sell Honda Equipment. We carry this brand for homeowners in cities such as Syracuse, New York that need to get jobs done around their homes and lawns but don’t have room for large equipment. We carry several of Honda’s products such as Walk Behind Lawn Mowers, Tillers, Generators, and Pumps.

Cazenovia Equipment’s Honda Products

Walk Behind Lawn Mowers Tillers
Generator Pumps
Honda’s Walk Behind Lawn Mowers are perfect for homeowners with little yards that need something small and effective. We understand when you are looking for a lawn mower you want to get one that is going to leave your yard looking sharp and that is going to last for years, Honda Walk Behind mowers do just that. These mowers come with standard mulching and bagging capabilities. Honda’s Tillers are great for preparing the ground for gardens and flower beds. We carry tillers for all size gardens. If you are wanting to put in a small gardens, we have FG110 Mini-Tillers, for medium size gardens, we have the F220 and FC600 Mid-Tine Tillers, and if you are wanting to go all out and put in a large garden, we have FRC800 Rear Tine Tillers. You can be confident that no matter which size tiller you choose, you will be more than satisfied.
Honda Walk Behind Mowers Honda Tillers

Generator Pumps
Generator Pumps
Whether you are needing a generator for your RV, your home, or working, we have a Honda generator that will fit your needs. When buying a generator, you don’t want one you have to cross your fingers and hope starts, you want one you can count on starting every time, which is why we carry Honda Generators. We have portable ones for carrying around with you when you are camping, working, and for backup power when your electricity goes out at home. Get running and stay running with our Honda Generators. Honda pumps are handy to have around in case you experience flooding or need to lower water levels in any body of water. We carry multiple size pumps and types to ensure we have a pump that fits your specific needs. We even have pumps designed specifically for pumping chemicals. Honda’s pumps are efficient, quiet, and easy to start. To say you would be impressed with Honda pumps, would be an understatement.
Honda Generators Honda Pumps

Cazenovia Equipment was founded in New York and is dedicated to serving the needs of New Yorkers. Swing your local Cazenovia Equipment in New York to see our Honda equipment in person.

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