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With over 500 farms in Cortland County, New York, working on a tractor is a daily occurrence for many. When you spend hours on a tractor a day, it is important to have a tractor you can depend on and will be comfortable operating, which is why Cazenovia Equipment carries John Deere 5 Series tractors. Whether you are a dairy farmer, hay farmer, or produce farmer, these tractors will make your days more productive.

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5E Series

John Deere 5E Tractors

The 5E series tractors give you the option of 3-cylinder models (50-73 HP) or 4-cylinder models (90-100 HP), depending on your needs. These John Deere utility tractors were designed to make your job easier while fitting into your budget. They are equipped with all the essentials, plus more. If you want to soak in the country air while you are working, you can choose an open station, or if you are wanting to escape the outdoor elements, you can choose to enjoy the comfort of a heated and air conditioned cab. With 5E series tractors, the choice is yours. Easy to operate and easy to maintain are just a couple of reasons the 5E series tractors are… well… an easy choice for your farm.

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5M Series

John Deere 5M Tractors

The John Deere 5M series tractors give you the power and fuel efficiency you’ve desired in a tractor. Built with John Deere’s PowerTechTM 4.5 liter turbocharged diesel engines, these tractors provide you with incredible power and torque for working with heavy loads. The hydraulic system in the 5M tractors was engineered to provide you with enough hydraulic power to run several hydraulic functions. Their cast iron frames were designed to handle heavy duty work without buckling. You can choose between four 5M models with 75-100 HP. Whether you choose an open station or a cab, you will have great visibility for maneuvering your tractor.

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5R Series

John Deere 5R Tractors

5R series tractors are the “cream-of-the-crop” so to speak. They are the top of the line 5 series tractors. Boasting 90-125 engine HP and 88.6 in wheelbase, these tractors are ready to be put to work. If having a panorama view from the comfort of the cab sounds intriguing to you, the 5R series tractor is the tractor for you. Giving you a 360° view cab isn’t where John Deere stopped with the cap updates. They designed the seat with more cushion than other models, optional heating, and larger arm rests to keep you comfortable all day long. To sweeten the deal even more, John Deere designed an optional mechanical cab suspension. This added suspension provides you with a smooth and quiet ride. These tractors take the hassle and headache out of clutching. The AutoClutchTM on 5R series tractors intrinsically regulates the load on the tractor.

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5 Series Specialty Tractors

5 Series Specialty Tractors

Whether you are looking for low profile, narrow, or hi-crop tractors, John Deere has a 5 series tractor to fit your needs. The low profile tractors (5EL and 5ML) were designed to fit inside low roof buildings and under low tree limbs. There are horsepower power options ranging from 90-125. These low profile tractors are designed with comfortable operator stations and plenty of power to get your chores done. The narrow tractors (5GV and 5GN) have horsepower ranging from 75-100 and can be as narrow as 39 inches. The turning radius is as small as 11.9 feet. Even with narrow working widths, these tractors still provide you with a comfortable and easy to navigate operator's station. The hi-crop tractors (5MH) have 100 HP and over 24.8 inches of clearance. These tractors allow you to tend to your crops without worrying about destroying them.

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Cazenovia Equipment understands how important it is to have the right tractor to get the job done. Our goal is to get you in a tractor that not only fits your farming needs but makes you proud to own a John Deere. Contact us today to find the tractor that will make you even more productive.

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