Honda Lawn & Garden Equipment offers more than 60 models.

  • Walk Behind Mowers
  • Generators
  • Pumps
  • Tillers


Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

  • HRX series mowers are 4 in 1 ready. With our exclusive Versamow System™, you can mulch, bag, discharge and shred leaves, with no attachments or tools needed. You can even choose a combination of bagging and mulching simultaneously.

  • HRR series mowers are 3 in 1 ready. They come standard with rear bagging, mulching, and rear discharge.

  • HRS series mowers offer side discharge and mulching.

  • HRC series mowers offer commercial durability with standard mulching and bagging, with optional side discharge.


FG110 Mini-Tiller
The FG110 mini-tiller is an extremely versatile tiller, great for a variety of gardening situations. Consider the FG110 particularly for:

  • Raised bed gardens
  • Tilling in tight spaces
  • Tilling close to existing plants
  • Easy transportation and storage

F220 and FC600 Mid-Tine Tillers
Need to till a larger area? Honda's F220 or FC600 mid-tine tillers may be a good choice for you. The larger size allows you to work larger areas quickly and dig deeper than a mini-tiller. These tillers are heavier than a mini-tiller, but their tine configuration makes them easy to balance and maneuver.

FRC800 Rear Tine Tiller
The FRC800 is ideal for extra large gardens and breaking new ground quickly. Its heavy duty tines churn through the soil, working it thoroughly.

The FRC800 is also a good choice for its ease of use. Unlike mid-tine and mini-tillers, this tiller is self-propelled. The FRC800 offers three forward speeds as well as one reverse, allowing you to walk with the tiller at a comfortable pace.


Honda offers a wide range of generators to fit your needs.

For Play
Honda portable generators provide quiet power for camping, RVing, tailgating, races, parties, and more.

For Home
Honda home generators offer convenient, reliable back up power for outages.

For Work
Honda portable generators are the number one choice in the construction and rental industry.


Honda Power Equipment offers pumps to meet a wide variety of applications.

Extensive selection for irrigation, flood control, light construction, pool draining, and more.

Honda's Trash and Diaphragm pumps are designed for job sites and high volume applications.

Designed to handle a variety of industrial and agricultural chemicals, in addition to clear water.

Ideal for fountains, ponds, and more.