At-Home Service

Ready to Mow Service

Maintenance Without The Migraine.

Need your equipment serviced but don't want to bring it here? We'll come to you!  Receive top-notch service with our Ready To Mow at home service.  Our fully equipped mobile service trucks will come right to your home for quick and easy service and you won't even have to lift a finger.



Right now we’re happy to offer preferred customers like you priority scheduling for your annual spring riding lawnmower service.  Call us now. Believe it or not, your grass is already growing. We’ll help you keep your lawn manicured right from the start.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Typical 14-Point Service for Riding Lawn Equipment:

1) Check engine coolant
2) Clean engine, battery, and radiator
3) Change fuel filter
4) Change engine oil and filter
5) Change spark plugs
6) Change air filter and pre-cleaner
7) Lubricate tractor and mower deck
8) Check and level mower deck
9) Sharpen mower blades
10) Check belts and mower deck adjustments
11) Check tire pressure
12) Check and top off transmission oil
13) Check / tighten hardware
14) Check safety systems

Choose the service that is right for you:

We’ll come right to your home to inspect and maintain your tractor, so you’ll be ready to mow in no time flat. Our 14-point service will ensure you’re ready to roll.

At-Home Service for Belt Drive Mowers now starting at: $239.99 1
At-Home Service for Shaft Drive Mowers now starting at: $279.99 1

Our in-shop service includes a 24-point service and a thorough inspection to catch small issues before they become bigger, more expensive breakdowns. Plus, we will give your unit a bath. Call your nearest location for details.

In-Shop Service for Belt Drive Mowers now starting at: $239.99 1
In-Shop Service for Shaft Drive Mowers now starting at: $279.99 1

We’ll remove and prepare your snow blower for storage and then install your mower deck.

Add a Snow to Mow Swap-Over Service for just $79.99 2

At Cazenovia Equipment, we know you’re busy this time of year.  That’s why we want to make maintaining your utility tractor as easy as possible for you. You can either bring your utility tractor to Cazenovia Equipment for maintenance, or our trained technicians can come right to your home - the choice is yours.

CUT Maintenance

Typical 21-Point Service for Compact or Utility Tractors:

1) Change engine oil and filter
2) Drain water and sediment from fuel tank
3) Replace primary air filter
4) Replace fuel filter
5) Clean fuel sediment bowl
6) Clean battery terminals and cable
7) Adjust tire pressure
8) Re-torque wheel bolts
9) Check and top off radiator coolant
10) Check hoses, clamps, and cooling fins
11) Check alternator belt tension
12) Lubricate all grease fittings
13) Test all safety switches
14) Inspect front axle and front wheel hubs
15) Check and top off hydraulic oil
16) Check and adjust parking brake
17) Inspect all fuel and hydraulic lines
18) inspect steering system linkage
19) Load test battery and charging system
20) Check all instruments and warning lights
21) Check and adjust wheel brakes

Choose the Service that is Right for You:

Get your compact or utility tractor the inspection and routine maintenance it needs.

At-Home or In-Shop Service now starting at: $279.99 3 (with one implement)

We’ll remove and prep your snow blower for storage and then install your mower deck.

Add a Snow-To-Mow Swap-Over Service for just $79.99 2

When lawns spring into action, be sure your commercials mower is 100% ready!  We come to you with our mobile service truck.  Our trucks are fully equipped to allow our technicians to perform maintenance right at your location.

Commercial Mower Service

Typical 14-Point Service for Commercial Mowers:

1) Check Safety Systems
2) Check/Tighten Hardware
3) Check Transmission, Oil & Filter
4) Check Tire Pressure
5) Check Belts & Mower Deck Adjustments
6) Sharpen Mower Blades
7) Lubricate Tractor & Mower
8) Change Air Filter & Pre-Cleaner
9) Change Spark Plugs
10) Change Engine Oil & Filter
11) Change Fuel Filter
12) Clean Engine, Battery & Radiator
13) Check Engine Coolant
14) Change Hydraulic Filter

Now Starting at: $279.99 4

Keep your Gator Utility Vehicle running strong.

Gator Maintenance

Typical 15-Point Service for Gator Utility Vehicles:

1) Change engine oil and filter
2) Check and top off coolant
3) Inspect and blow out radiator
4) Change fuel filter
5) Monitor air restriction indicator
6) Check air cleaner dust unloading valve
7) Check drive belt function
8) Check park brake function
9) Inspect and clean battery
10) Check clutch for proper operation
11) Check brake pad wear
12) Check and tighten wheel bolts to specification
13) Check and top off transaxle fluid
14) Check and tighten hardware
15) Grease front and rear suspension bearings

We make it easy to keep your equipment in top condition, providing you with the maintenance options you need with convenient, at-home service.

At-Home Service now starting at: $289.99 5

1  Prices vary depending on model and attachments. Transportation fees and taxes extra. Schedule by 3/31/18. Call for details.

2  Snow to Mow pricing valid only when combined with full service and must be performed at the same time. Transportation fees and taxes extra. Schedule by 3/31/18. Call for details.

 Prices vary depending on model and attachments. Transportation fees and taxes extra. Schedule by 3/31/18. Call for details.

Maintenance points vary by model. Transportation fees & taxes extra. Schedule by 3/31/18. Call for details.

 Maintenance points may vary by model. In-shop service available. Call for details. Must schedule by 3/31/18.