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Agricultural or Commercial Customer?

We have even more promotions, just for you! Check out our off-season specials on inspections, parts stock-up, trucking discounts, oils & filter sales and more! Click here for details!

Annual Service- Riding Lawn Equipment

Right now we’re happy to offer preferred customers like you priority scheduling for your annual spring riding lawnmower service and you can SAVE over peak season pricing.  Call us now. See what an Annual Service entails by clicking here

Choose the service that is right for you:

We’ll come right to your home to inspect and maintain your tractor, so you’ll be ready to mow in no time flat. Our 14-point service will ensure you’re ready to roll.

Pricing if service is performed before 12/21/23
At-Home Service for Belt Drive Mowers now starting at: $289.99*
At-Home Service for Shaft Drive Mowers now starting at: $329.99*

We’ll remove and prepare your mower deck for storage and then install your snow blower.

Add a Mow to Snow RLE Swap-Over Service for just $99.99*

*Prices and maintenance points vary depending on model and attachments. Transportation fees and taxes extra. Service must be performed by 12/31/23 for discounted pricing. Call for details. Snow to Mow pricing valid only when combined with full service and must be performed at the same time. Transportation fees and taxes extra. Service must be performed by 12/31/23 for discounted pricing. Call for details.

Riding Lawn Equipment

Annual Service- Gators

Get your Gator tuned-up ready to work while taking advantage of our off-season pricing. 

We offer at-home service for those of you who can't make it to us. 

At-Home or In-Shop Service Starting at: $279.99

Tune-Up Service Includes:

  • Change engine oil & filters
  • Check and top-off coolant
  • Inspect and blow out radiator
  • Change fuel filter
  • Monitor air restriction indicator
  • Check air cleaner dust unloading valve
  • Check drive belt condition
  • Check parking-brake operation
  • Inspect and clean battery
  • Check clutch for proper operation
  • Check brake pad wear
  • Check and tighten wheel bolts to specification
  • Check and top off trans-axle fluid
  • Check and tighten hardware
  • Grease front & rear suspension bearings

*Maintenance points may vary by model. $279.99 for gas models. Diesel models start at $309.99. In-shop service available. Transportation fees & taxes extra. Call for details. Must schedule by 12/31/23.


John Deere Multi Use Account card on yellow background

Need to Shop Now and Pay Later?

Your John Deere Multi-Use account offers no-payments and no interest until November 15, 2024 so you can purchase the you John Deere inspections, repairs, parts, maintenance products and attachments now, but pay later. It's a great way to be ready for the spring season, now. 

* Subject to credit approval by John Deere Financial and credit limit. Minimum, qualifying purchase of $200 is required. Finance programs are for genuine John Deere parts, service and attachments only. New customers can apply at: . Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details. 


Utility Tractor Maintenance Made Easy!

Get your utility tractor the inspection and routine maintenance it needs and service now for spring!

Annual Services Starting at:
$339.99 (1 series tractors)
$399.99 (2 series tractors)
$409.99 (3D & E series tractors)
$479.99 (3R series tractors)
$499.99 (4M & R series tractors)

Add a Swap-over Service (take off mower and install snow blower) for $149.99!**

Add a transmission service starting at $243.24 (change transmission oil & filter)

* Maintenance points may vary by model. Transmission service must be combined with annual service. In-shop service available. Transportation fees & taxes extra. Call for details. Must schedule by 12/31/23 to receive promotional price. ** Pricing is for service when combined with an full annual inspection..

Utility tractor with loader and rear snow blower

Using your lawn tractor for snow removal?

Check out our Snow to Mow Swap-Over Services

Our certified service technician will get your lawn tractor ready for snow removal. We’ll come to your home to remove and clean the mower deck, sharpen the blades, change the engine oil and filter and install your snow blower.

Mow to Snow Swap-over: $275.99

Mow to Snow Swap-over with oil change: $295.99

Mow to Snow Swap-over with annual service & 14 point inspection: $399.99

* Maintenance points may vary by model. Shaft drive mowers are $329.99 for 14-pt inspection and annual service or $439.99 with swap-over. In-shop service  available. Transportation fees & taxes extra. Call for details. Must schedule by 12/31/23 to receive promotional price.


Service Now to Keep it Running Smoothly

Get your 1 series compact utility tractor the inspection and routine maintenance it needs.

At-Home or In-Shop Service Starting at: $339.99 (with one attachment)*

  • Change Engine Oil & Filter
  • Drain Water & Sediment from Fuel Tank
  • Replace Primary Air Filter
  • Replace Fuel Filter
  • Clean Fuel Sediment Bowl
  • Clean Battery Terminals & Cable
  • Adjust Tire Pressure
  • Re-Torque Wheel Bolts
  • Check Radiator Coolant Levels
  • Check Hoses Clamps & Cooling Fins
  • Check Alternator Belt Tension
  • Lubricate All Grease Fittings
  • Test All Safety Switches
  • Inspect Front Axle & Front Wheel Hubs
  • Check & Adjust Wheel Brakes
  • Check & Adjust Parking Brake
  • Inspect All Fuel & Hydraulic Lines
  • Inspect Steering System Linkage
  • Load Test Battery & Charging System
  • Check All Instruments & Warning Lights

*Maintenance points may vary by model. Transport fees extra. Call for details. Pricing expires 12/31/23. 

Compact Utility Tractor

Keep Your Tools Running Smoothly 

Tune-up those two-cycle tools before you need them. We can service your Handheld Trimmers, Pole Saw, Chainsaw, Leaf Blowers, and Hedge Trimmers. 

In-Shop Service Starting at: $99.99*

  • Drain existing fuel from tank
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace spark plug
  • Check & clean air filter
  • Clean exhaust port
  • Add Stihl 50:1 High Performance Fuel
  • Run engine to mix through fuel
  • Check high & low rpms, adjust if needed
  • Grease gear head, if equipped
  • Grease shaft, if equipped
  • Lubricate cutting blade, if equipped

*Maintenance points may vary by model. Transport fees extra. Call for details. Must schedule by 12/31/23. 

Hand Help Tools

Need to Keep Up with Your Walk-Behind Snow Blower?

Make short work of high snow. We'll make sure your walk-behind snow blower is ready when you are. 

In-Shop Service Starting At: $159.99

  • Change engine oil
  • Change air filters
  • Change spark plug
  • Check machine belt
  • Check gearbox oil
  • Check & adjust cables
  • Grease machine
  • Check safety system

*Maintenance points may vary by model. Transport fees extra. Call for details. Must schedule by 12/31/23.

Walk-Behind Snow Blower

Is Your Warranty Expiring Soon?

If the warranty on your John Deere equipment is expiring soon, let us thoroughly inspect your machine to help identify if any necessary repairs that may still be covered under the manufacturer warranty. It'll save you time, frustrations and costs against potential, future breakdowns. 

In-Shop Service Starting At: $99.99

*Pricing will vary by model. Transport and at-home fees extra. Schedule by 12/31/23 in order to receive discount.

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