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Turn what you love to do into a career.

Since you were a kid, you could fine tune an
engine and break down a transmission faster than most people can set up their cell phone. So isn’t it time to think about your next step? Enroll in the John Deere TECH program and turn those skills into a career as a certified service technician.You’ll graduate with confidence and credentials, and you’ll be as comfortable working with customers and computers as you are with a torque wrench.
It’s hard to find opportunity and security like the John Deere TECH program offers. The program is a two-year associate’s degree and is the only program that offers the advanced training valued by more than 1,500 John Deere dealerships across North America.

Take your talent to the next level.

Take your talent to the next level. John Deere TECH is not your typical diesel program. Of course, there is the classroom time where you will learn the basic theories behind John Deere systems. And, you will have a lot of time in the lab, working with real John Deere equipment. What makes John Deere TECH unique is that you will apply all you have learned to the real world as a paid intern for a John Deere dealer. The insight and experience you will gain during your internship will allow you to take your talent to the next level.

Build a Career


Nothing prepares you for tomorrow like training with John Deere TECH.

The training is intense and focused. You’ll learn about John Deere diesel engines, powertrains, hydraulics, and machine set-up systems. You’ll learn about high-tech electronics, computer diagnostics, and proprietary John Deere software. But you’ll also learn the communication and customer relations skills that are essential for your success. No two days are alike for a John Deere TECH graduate. You’ll face new challenges every day, and you’ll be ready for them. You’ll solve problems, helping both colleagues and customers. This is a career decision and a life decision. 

John Deere TECH is challenging and requires
commitment. But if cutting-edge technology,
computers, and John Deere equipment excite
you, John Deere TECH may be the career training you’ve been waiting for. If you’re ready to be the best, then John Deere TECH is ready for you.

John Deere University

John Deere’s web-based learning paths allow you
and your sponsoring dealer to customize your
learning throughout the program. Choose a learning
path from three areas of emphasis within John Deere
• Large Ag Products,
• Small Ag Products, or
• Parts.

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Next Steps:

  • Get a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Find a John Deere dealer near you
  • Recommend the program to a friend or family member

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