Planning for the 2022 Season

posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 in Dealer News

Please Plan Ahead for the 2022 Season

Since the pandemic began, business has been unpredictable, at best. We are starting to understand how it affects our company and, subsequently, our customers in the long-term. We are seeing increases in oil, metal and transportation prices that are directly affecting all industries. The effects of the pandemic, labor shortages and the world economies have real impacts for our customers, and we hope to address what customers can likely expect in year ahead and how to address it.

What to Expect for 2022: SHORTAGES, DELAYS & PRICE INCREASES. In 2021, we saw extended delays and backorders in both parts and machines. Despite our attempt to “stock-up” our warehouses whenever possible, there will be parts that aren’t in-stock, backorders, and prolonged shipping times. This past year also saw unprecedented lead times on ordering new John Deere machinery. These lead times are unlikely to improve and may likely be longer in 2022. Finally, we are already seeing price increases across the board from our vendors and there is real potential for additional increases throughout 2022.

What You Can Do: PLAN AHEAD. If you are looking to purchase a machine in 2022, speak to your sales representative now. In some instances, you may not only lock-in in current prices, but it will ensure your machine is ready when you are, or at least puts you towards the top of the list. In anticipation of parts shortages and price increases, any parts needed for known repairs or common maintenance products should be purchased as soon as possible. Likewise, if you anticipate any projects needing to be done by our service department, book early. Our service department is facing the same labor shortages as most businesses and will also be dependent on parts availability with regards to repairs. We urge you to plan your projects and needs for 2022 now, book early and stock-up.

Please understand, this is not a promotion to boost sales. This is a call to action to protect you, our customers, your livelihoods, your properties, and your investments. We want you to be aware and prepared for the year ahead.

On behalf of the Frazee Family and all of us at Cazenovia Equipment, we would like to thank you for being a loyal customer of Cazenovia Equipment and ensure you that we are doing everything we can to provide exemplary products and services for our customers.


The Frazee Family
Cazenovia Equipment Company, Inc